Série Souffle

  • Série Souffle, Photography by Mei-Kuei Feu
  • souffle à l'abribus

Biosignature-s1 ( 2011-2015 )

Series of 12 digital color photographs, inkjet print, matte paper, 65 x 95 cm

These photographs are taken after an intervention, leaving a trace of fogging by breathing on the windows in the city. It is a way of marking personal territories as many animals do. By photographing these organic traces, I curiously examines how they interact with the environment, as if they carry me through a transparent boundary between darkness and light.

Biosignature-série1 is part of the ongoing project "Souffle" started in the fall of 2011, with the subject of breath fogging due to the fragile life and persistence. It is to capture the state of the evanescent breath caused by the change of temperature and humidity. Over time, the subject is explored from three perspectives :

  • Observed outside the breath 
  • Considered to be inside a body 
  • Being inside the breath