Projet Souffle

Projet Souffle (2011-2014)

Attracted by fortuitous traces of breathing, I have worked on the breath since 2011. To capture its insubstantial state, I explore its evanescent motion in video and its cloudy texture in photography, from the studio window to bay window of public places, from searches of the uncertain visibility to the composition of breath that articulates the source of ambient light. These traces are actually made of breath by breathing on a transparent glass found at the scene. It is important for me to work with a physical trace and feel its liveliness. The exploration of the breath is essentially based on four pillars:
  • Observed with distance by seeking a dialogue between the breath, light and environment.
  • Amplified the shape of breath related to the body by setting soundstage and projection.
  • Reviewed from closer and questioning myself: what we might see if we are in a breath?
  • Blowing on everyday objects to find the intimate rhythm of the body, including the breathing.

In the serial work, I seek to deepen the observation of the breath in the changing conditions. Through audiovisual installations, these ephemeral traces are scattered and put into space to invite the viewer to enter so he can observe it from different angles and find a breath that could be his.

What interests me in this project is the linking of the body and its environment by the lightness of breath. The meaning of the breath has been expanded. The evanescence of living matter seems particularly fascinating.