Zone flottante

  • Zone flottante, installation video by Mei-Kuei Feu

Zone flottante ( 2004 )

Videographic projection, DV format, 7' 27'',  loop, projection screen = 180 cm x 240 cm, police tape, presented to the individual exhibition Zone flottante, at the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Canada. 

The making of the video is based on the documentation of the demolition of a house in Montreal in 2003 and a family home in Taiwan in 1998. In the context of gentrification, it is sometimes difficult to preserve places inhabited by people on the margins of society because these places often do not represent a value of "heritage". Yet they have an emotional value. As a way to keep track of life, this project explores the memories related to the domestic space to recreate an unstable area and a continually movement of destruction and construction. This realization is part of the research project - creation Zone flottante.