Paysages à souffle

  • Paysages à souffle, installation video by Mei-Kuei Feu

Paysages à souffle ( 2012 )

3-channel video installation, sound, 5 minutes, in a loop. 3 video projectors, two speakers, one sound mixer, 1 suspended screen 150x100 cm, presented at the gallery La bande vidéo, ville Québec, Canada. 

Paysages à souffle is an exploration of the evanescent movement of expired fogging. Animated breaths alternately appear and disappear, one at a time in three projections. They are synchronized to the rhythm of long breath. The rate of appearance and disappearance of the two sides is offset with the center that simulates virtually in-out air exchange. From time to time in the both projections, entry-exit breath create an internal circulation. And "Paysage à souffle" refers to the inside of someone vulnerable and enduring.

Paysages à souffle is part of the ongoing project "Souffle" started in autumn 2011, with the subject of breath fogging due to the fragile life and persistence. It is to capture the state of the evanescent breath caused by the change of temperature and humidity. Over time, the subject is explored from three perspectives:

  • Observed outside the breath
  • Considered to be inside a body 
  • Being inside the breath 

Thanks to La bande vidéo for his support of video recording during the artist's residency, thanks also to Paul Turcotte for the creation of a video synchronization software. See the comment on the exhibition Paysages à souffle.