Géographie de ma famille

  • Installation by Mei-Kuei Feu

Géographie de ma famille ( 2002-2004 )

Installation consists of 6 National Geographic magazines, 2 digital photos with texts inserted in two of these six magazines, a round photograph (99.5 cm diameter), and an interactive sound installation with 3 laser pointers suspended a soundtrack: a whisper in French , English and Chinese (Vous êtes ici, You are here and 你 现在 的 位置) repeatedly broadcast. Presented for the first time to the individual exhibition Chemin perdu,Maison du Plateau-Mont-Royal en 2002, Montréal, Canada

The six selected journals included 2 photos of streets, one from Montreal and one from Vancouver at the ocasion of the exhibition Zone flottante 2004. It showed a marginal life in modern societies. Names that recall places are cut off.