Eaux vives

  • Eaux vives, installation by Mei-Kuei Feu

Eaux vives ( 2004 )

Installation consisting of a video-sound projection (7min 16s) loop, found objects, presented as part of the exhibition Eaux vives – Regards croisés, a series of actual art exhibitions on the theme of freshwater, organized by the cultural development of the Montreal City, the Art Gallery Stewart Hall in Pointe-Claire. 

Int the series réAnimation-2, walking barefoot on snow reveals an experience of great beauty linked to the feeling both hard and soft. The video is combined with a negative portrait image as flashbacks of memory. In addition the project is associated with found objects to evoke memory of the lack of fresh water which relieves our body. There is a constant concern with the fragility and resilience of the human body in my research.


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