Bonsaï déambulant

  • Bonsaï déambulant, intervention-expo, par Mei-Kuei feu
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Bonsaï déambulant (2007-2009)

Public intervention project as a bonsai with a mobile sound system and pictures-shaped ginkgo leaf, about 90 minutes. The site Ginkgo Messenger allows to continue the intervention. A video addressing the disappearance of the Plum Creek was thrown in the Bamboo Curtain Studio where I was in residence in Taiwan. 

Fascinated by the beauty of ginkgo and its amazing vitality, I work on his form since 2008. I use it as a medium to convey the printed testimony of our exciting life. It is both a motion landscape and a Wishing Tree, I invite the public to leave a wish on photo-leaf for their personal lives. Any involvement of the public will be part of creation.

Based on this basic reversed form of bonsai ginkgo, I integrated the natural and socio-cultural features of the area of ​​Danshui / Zhuwei in the process of the creation. Specifically, my work put the focus on the disappearance of Plum Creek under the influence of urbanization. To "dress" like ginkgo, I photographed the "invisible" course of the stream that is today largely covered or buried beneath the streets of the neighborhood.

I interviewed people living in the neighborhood, mostly elderly, to track his path and know its original state. And these memories have become the sound creation which was broadcast during public intervention. I repeated certain phrases and words as a form of remembering and interiorization. During the intervention, I wandered on the streets covering the course of the stream. Thus the stream is retraced by the Ginkgo wandering.

Credits to document the intervention: 

Photographes /  Ray, Hisao-Wei Chen et Chun-Ming Lee        

Vidéographe /  Ray et Youde Chen